I'm on a mission to prove people wrong

livinggg fuck yall

✨Ima Impact in the world💫

How i feel right now

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I miss her alot I wonder what her life is oikevi wonder if she want to move with me when I get my spot I oove her alot first real relationship I never forgot oooo man I love her alot


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Day 31 April 9 2014

My day was great I’m high ASF am I still feel all my problems this sucks man it really does but I’m sure ima get pass it lol it’s funny how I do things into life it really is im doing all types of business and also all of this school is just a lot but her I’m getting paid so I can’t be mad at all

Day 30 April 8 2014 

Kareem like is stressful I will be moving out my parents house when I graduate and I’ll be doing things on my own it’s funny my mom called my a stupid ASF and she didn’t say nothing then she told me I was dismissed and she told me to get out her room 😢😂😂 she so funny but it’s cool man it’s cool I’m sure when I live on my own life will be better 😎

Slum Village - Selfish (feat. Kanye West)


Want you to myself I can’t help it.

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🙌This summer coming up 🙌